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Ways To Work With Me

Individual Coaching

Transform your life and relationships when we customize a personal plan based on your Enneagram type, level of self-awareness, and personal & professional goals.

  1. Identify your stress, blind spot, growth, and converging path.
  2. Uncover the internal message that’s unique to your Enneagram Type.

  3. Learn to access all 3 centers’ of intelligence (head, heart, and gut.)

  4. Plus: relationship issues, your hidden side, wings, levels of alignment, childhood patterns, defense mechanisms, and more.

Enneagram Training

Transform the health and effectiveness of your team. This workshop will help you increase employee connection, satisfaction and engagement.

Measure and increase the Emotional Intelligence on your team with these options:

  1. Overview of all 9 Enneagram Types.
  2. Discover how each type processes information and makes decisions.
  3. Uncover how each Type reacts to others when experiencing stress or difficulty.
  4. Unique strengths at work.
  5. How to get along better with each Type.
  6. Exclusive training for principal leader(s).

Strategy Session

90 Minutes to help you understand your Enneagram Type and how to create a 30 day action plan that will help you achieve the goals you're already working hard for.

Strategy Session Includes:

1. Understanding your core fear and why you think, feel, and behave the way you do.

2. Where your type goes in stress and how to respond more effectively.

3. The internal message unique to your Type that is likely sabotaging your efforts.

4. A practical 30-day action plan to help you experience real results.

5. 30 days of Voxer coaching and support after the session.

Kind Words

Amy Watson

"We live in a world full of people vying for our attention, yet, somehow through the noise, I connected with Karissa on Instagram. Having a healthy dose of Enneagram curiosity, I engaged her Enneagram coaching services and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

First, Karissa cares, and is careful to be in tune with my needs versus a session agenda. Yet, she challenges me in ways that has deepened my faith, strengthened my resolve, and provided accountability that was badly needed. She is a servant leader with a heart and passion for others. I believe that my life and ministry has been vastly enriched by my experience with Karissa.

Second, she has mastered the science of the Enneagram and has a remarkable ability to teach it well. She is conscientious, caring, compassionate and a true professional, I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking to live the best version of themselves, and honor God in that obedience."

Work With Me

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