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Helping you execute a plan for your personal and professional growth that works so well, everyone around you notices the results!

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You've worked hard and built a successful career or business...

Now is the time to invest in your growth!

You're a high capacity leader who already has the systems, knowledge, and tools in place to be successful. You're not looking for another business strategy or time management hack, you're looking to create more momentum, freedom, and ease as you execute the strategies and hit your next level goals!

  • Turn self-awareness into a super-power that drives the RESULTS that matter to you
  • Uncover the blind-spots that are sabotaging your success and your ability to THRIVE
  • Effectively transform unhealthy reactions and habits so you experience greater freedom and EASE
  • Discover the cause of your internal resistance so you can ACHIEVE the next-level goals you're dreaming of
  • Learn how to adapt and adjust your approach so you can LEAD all 9 Types effectively
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What others are saying...

Imagine the possibilities in your personal and professional life

Melissa Froehlich

"Now that I'm learning how the Enneagram works and how it impacts every single facet of my life and business, I'm hooked. I just signed up for the next phase of coaching with Karissa to go deeper into the impact it has on my personal life."

Stefani Laszko

"With Karissa's help, I now have a firm understanding of who I am and how I show up in relationships at my best and at my worst! I knew I was on the right path when I saw the expression of others when I did not react in the way they were expecting."

Amy Watson

"Coaching with Karissa has been one of the best decisions I have made. She challenges me in ways that have deepened my faith, strengthened my resolve, and provided accountability that was badly needed. She is a servant leader with a heart and passion for others."

A look inside Ennea-Growth Accelerator

Phase 1


Success in life and in leadership is built on self-awareness. We can't change what we can't see about ourselves, and the Enneagram helps us see with incredible clarity. We'll pair curiosity with compassion to help you get to the root of WHY you think, feel, and behave the way you do. Get ready for major "aha moments!"

Phase 2



Wisdom is knowledge understood and applied. As you develop awareness, we'll take what you learn about your Enneagram Type and create a specific plan for your personal and professional growth. No cookie-cutter approaches here! You'll have incredible clarity on what you want to change and how to change it!

Phase 3


Whether you're leading yourself, clients, or a team of employees, you'll learn how your Enneagram Type shows up and interacts with the other eight Types. Uncover what's causing some of the conflict, tension, and miscommunication that pops up in your relationships so that you can adapt and adjust to lead more effectively.

Your Investment


$1,767 Paid in Full

  • 12 live Zoom calls over 3 months with live training and coaching
  • Digital workbook for your Type with reflection questions and action steps
  • Digital coaching guides to help you lead all 9 Enneagram Types effectively
  • Voxer access and coaching M-F for the support and encouragement you need.
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Nice to meet you!

This is where I tell you a little bit about what qualifies me to teach and train on the Enneagram and leadership.

If this is the first time we are meeting, Hello! I am so excited that you are here! I'm a certified Enneagram Coach and Pastor who's been leading for more than 15 years. I've had the privilege of leading in both large and small organizations, including in roles at the executive level.

My Enneagram work began about 11 years ago when my core fear was triggered on stage in front of 500 people. Yup. That happened, and you'll get to hear the full story inside of Ennea-Growth Accelerator. My learning and personal growth continue today as I coach individuals and consult with teams in the corporate, online, small business, and non-profit spaces. My client roster includes incredible leaders from different industries: teachers, business owners, and executives from Fortune 500 companies.

Your Investment


$1,767 Paid in Full

  • Fast Action Bonus: One month of free Voxer coaching after the program ends. *Bonus ends on August 15th.
  • This program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you decide you are unsatisfied anytime within 14 days of the program launch on September 8th, you'll get a full refund!
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